Laser Engraving

The very best high resolution laser engraving machines are used for marking the keyrings. The laser burns the image into the surface of the product producing an indelible and abrasion resistant image with incredible clarity and detail. The laser engraving process is completed on the finished item and the colour of the engraving varies from light grey to dark grey depending on the surface finish of the product.

Polycrown Emblems

Polycrown emblems are digitally process printed onto white or matt silver  vinyl with a clear hard wearing polyurethane dome. The digital printing process is very effective for reproducing both simple solid line artwork and more complex four colour process designs with very low origination costs.

Die Stamping

High power stamping presses are used for marking stainless steel keyrings using a special hand made hardened steel die to stamp the image into the material using extremely high pressures. The die stamping process is completed during the manufacturing stage onto flat stainless steel blanks before assembly. The stamped impression can be filled in solid line colours using special catalytic inks.

Foil Blocking

Semi-automatic flat bed blocking machines are used to blind emboss or foil block designs onto leather keyfobs using either silver or gold metallic foils specially developed for the substrate. Foil blocking is completed during the manufacturing process when the leather is a flat cut out component, before the assembly and stitching stages.