Print quality, colour separated artwork is required for screen printing, laser engraving and foil blocking which should be supplied in a digital format.

Digital Artwork
Digital artwork should be Mac compatible and supplied by e-mail. The document should be an editable EPS vector file or editable PDF vector file created in either Adobe Illustrator or Freehand with fonts converted to outlines. Photoshop EPS, Bitmap, JPEG, Tiff or GIF files are not editable, therefore they will incur a conversion charge for recreating the design into an editable vector format.

If artwork is not supplied digitally and editable it will be charged at the standard rates detailed below:

Standard charges for artwork
Artwork and design services are charged at £40.00 per hour and will be quoted on sight of design.
Minimum artwork charge £12.00

Artwork and film positives will only be retained for a maximum period of two years. If the artwork has not been re-used within the two year filling period, it will be discarded.